How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home Fast and Secure.

Bed bugs are becoming a real problem all over again. In fact, just yesterday we were able to read on the pages of Reuters (news agency) how recent research has shown that bed bugs have made a large come back to the cities of Paris and New York. In fact, the team at Ohio State University has unfortunately concluded that recently these insects have managed to evolve and become more resistant to the poisons used for their extermination. With all this said, the question remains – How to get rid of bed bugs at home?

Nature has taken care also that this annoying, bloodsucking bugs become rather smart for the purpose of their survival. They are quite sensitive to daylight so they come out only by night what also makes them hard to spot and kill. During the day they are well hidden at our couches, closets, mattresses, cracks in the floor and walls and similar cozy places far away from eyesight.

They also breed extremely fast so you cannot expect to exterminate them the traditional way – by squashing them one by one. It will not bring back results because they multiply fast and leave eggs all over the house making sure for their young ones to proceed with the family business of annoying people and sucking our blood.

Let’s start with the products you can use to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

First there are pesticides in the form of insecticidal dusts. An insecticide dust is a dry formulation of a contact insecticide. You use it to powder the places where bugs usually are present. Once they are in contact with the dust, their natural cover which protects them is destroyed making them vulnerable and making possible for the poison to penetrate into their body.

Besides the dust, you can also use contact insecticides. Contact insecticides are applied on infested areas and they kill bugs in contact with the chemicals. The problem with these products is the fact that they have a rather intensive smell and bed bugs have become so smart that they will just avoid the places sprayed with the pesticide and find themselves another way to reach food (meaning you).

On the market today you can also find a product called Insect growth regulator. It is a very helpful product that controls breeding and multiplying of these insects, but they are mainly for usage on small, young bugs and you will still have to deal with the adult bugs some other way.

Usually the best solution is to find a professional help in a form of pest control company. They are well acquainted with this subject and will probably solve the problem in no time. Of course this services do not come cheap, so it you cannot afford a professional, be extra careful with the products you use indoor because they are not all safe for people and pets.

Also before starting with extermination it is a good idea to get rid of all stuff that just clutter your home and provide a great hiding place for bugs. Also, the extermination will be much more effective when all surfaces are easy to be inspected.

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